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Malta: A Yachting Crossroads

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 17:25

Since gaining independence in 1964 Malta has continued to be at the forefront of maritime activity. The Freeport, yachting, cruise liners and ship registration are amongst the activities that have grown substantially in the past few decades. With the proposed development of additional marinas, a new cruise liner terminal and the expansion of the Freeport, the future of maritime Malta looks set to expand. It would not be unreasonable to say that this is a future built on an ancient and solid tradition. When the islands were taken over by the British, the latter found a population attuned to a life bound to the sea as well as an infrastructure that complemented the requirements for their powerful navy. Not only were seamen employed with the Royal navy but rope makers, carpenters and sail makers made their skills available to the naval establishment on the island.

The British developed and expanded the maritime services and structures that had been started by the Order of St John as well as establishing new ones such as the dry-docks and the massive breakwater at the mouth of the harbour. However it was not just the British that took advantage of the island’s strategic position. The locals invested in ships and trade and were also quick to exploit opportunities when these presented themselves.

There is one company that has been a recent mainstay of the Maltese marine sector. Founded in 1976 by Roland Darmanin Kissaun, S&D Yachts has a company motto “to deliver a top quality service with key focus on reliability’ and has gained an international reputation for being Malta’s leading yacht agent, broker and charter management company. Visiting yachtsmen have come to rely on the unrivalled service delivered by the experienced and dedicated staff whose customer service is second to none.


As the yachting sector worldwide has expanded, not only in the size of yachts being built today, but increasingly in the quantity and professional management, S&D Yachts has evolved in line with the industry, both on the island and with networks further afield. Organisational growth and restructuring as well as upgrading the operational facilities has ensured that S&D stays on top of the game and they now employ over 30 personnel in two centrally located premises in Malta to ensure delivery of an efficient service.

The company structure is divided into six distinct departments in order to service all aspects of a yachts requirements: Agency, Brokerage and Charter, Corporate Services, Yacht Repair Services, Chandlery and Product Distribution and Tunisia Yacht Services. Through these departments the company can offer a myriad of services making S&D Yachts a true one-stop shop for yachtsmen visiting Malta.

In order to extend the company services further, S&D Yachts networks with similar companies throughout the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

One of the mainstay activities of S&D Yachts is the brokerage and sales of new and used craft. Whether a sailing or a motor yacht, fibreglass, steel or wood, their comprehensive database of new and second-hand yachts includes a few interesting proposals worth considering, and working with a network of cooperating brokers they are able to find the ideal craft anywhere in the world to suit customer needs. S&D Yachts are also distributors for Dufour Yachts and Cranchi Yachts.

And if you would like to sail around the Maltese islands S&D Yachts also offers a full range of crewed luxury yachts for charter in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. The company also provide a wide range of professional services. For instance, prospective boat owners could benefit from advantageous rates of EU VAT paid through Malta Yacht Leasing system, typically ranging from 6 per cent to 9 per cent effective tax rate. This facility is available for both new and used craft purchase. In addition Registration of Yachts under the Malta Flag is a simple and straightforward operation, and S&D Yachts can guide you through the process.

If you are visiting Malta, whatever your yachting requirements may be, feel free to drop into the offices of S&D. If you would like some more information prior to arrival, visit the .

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the issue of Magazine.

Posted: 2010-08-15 13:14:25