Henri Lloyd

The Henri Lloyd Octogrip is a deck trainer made for getting wet. Its open mesh uppers are built to handle the wetness and let it in, and then let it out to dry quickly.These super fast drying and lightweight mesh trainers are manufactured using the highest grade materials. The features include a textured PU 'exo' skeleton and rear footplate. A sticky rubber outsole with water dispersal channels work in tandem to push away excess water from beneath your foot - ensuring a safe and reliable grip in the most demanding of conditions.

Racing sailors searching for a lightweight sailing shoe need look no further than Henri Lloyd’s Octogrip Stealth trainer. Used by some of the world’s top sailors aboard some of the fastest, high-performance racing boats in the world, these shoes have proved they are already more than a few steps ahead on the racecourse.

Grip, flexibility, and quick drying properties are the most important aspects to consider when designing a high performance shoe, according to Henri Lloyd, there is no compromise with the Octogrip Stealth. The designers have worked on the development of this product and have come up with a shoe incorporating all the important qualities including a more robust skeleton constructed of highly durable injection moulded Textured PU, synthetic, and a fast drying sports mesh. They are super-lightweight, breathable and, with the combination of a razor/sticky compound rubber moulded outsole and interconnecting water dispersal channels that work in tandem to push away excess water beneath the sole, are guaranteed to provide a firm footing.


The Henri Lloyd Deck Grip Profile II is made from Lightweight, non-absorbing, quick drying and breathable. The sporty looking deck trainer features a phylon midsole which delivers lightweight cushioning and stability. The ghillie speed lacing system and award winning water dispersing outsole combine to ensure a safe and reliable grip in the most demanding of conditions.

  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Non marking razor cut sole
  • Shock absorbsion
  • Construction: Textured PU with sports mesh/scratched rubber uppper, molded rubber outsole, Phylon midsole.
  • Grip/Soles: Sticky molded rubber with water dispersal channels, safe and reliable grip.
  • Other: Lightweight, non absorbing, quick drying, breathable, water dispersing outsole, ghillie speed lacing system.