Avon Rover R280 RIB

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New and improved Rovers are high-powered tenders with generous beams and great internal space and carrying capacity and a facility to take bigger motors for that extra performance. So seaworthy and safe, yet are packed and stowed so small for easy transportation. The Rovers are convenient and versatile, with a performance that will surprise you.

Inflatable keels (except R260) and a range of deck options make these a great performers, packed with features and now completed with a new high profile rub strake for added good looks and protection.

Specifications Avon Rover R280

  Length Beam Weight Capacity Max Engine Max
  Overall Overall Boat Persons Payload Remote Tiller Performance
  ft/in m ft/in m lbs kg   lbs kg hp kW hp kW mph kph
R 280 Rib 9’2” 2.80 5’3” 1.60 135 61 3 + child 1014 460 10 7.5 10 7.5 19 30

Standard features

  • Large buoyancy tubes extendedat stern
    (available in grey and white)
  • Medium “V” fibreglass hull and transom
    (including foam on R 315 Rib)
  • Moulded anti-skid fibreglass deck
  • Removable fibreglass seat
  • Bow and stern carry handles
  • Moulded bow locker (R 315 Rib and R 340 Rib)
  • Fabric pilot handles (R 315 Rib and R 340 Rib)
  • Rowlocks / Oarlocks
  • One piece wooden oars
  • Oar stowage internal and external
  • High profile rubstrake
  • Lifelines
  • Towing bridle patches (2)
  • Bow “U” bolt
  • Transom drain plug
  • Bellows
  • Repair Kit
  • Owners manual

  • Aluminum transom plate
  • Hull/drain plug
  • Fuel tank retainers with strap
  • 3 lifting points (4 on R 315 Rib)


Main optionnal accessories

  • Dealer fitted adjustable twin
    arm davit lifting kit
  • 3 leg lifting sling for single
    point lift ((R 280 and R 340 Rib)
  • 4 leg lifting sling for single
    point lift (R 315 Rib)
  • Single seat centre console
  • Overall cover
  • Launching wheels
  • Ski hook (only R 340 Rib)
  • Additional fibreglass seat kit
  • Bow locker cushion (R 340 Rib)
  • Seat stowage bag
  • Synthetic teak deck (R315 Rib)

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