Oyster 56 Yacht

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Oyster 56 Yacht 

The Oyster 56 is one of the most successful yachts in Oyster's history with over 70 built to date. A world-class cruising yacht, the 56 was the first yacht with an ergonomically designed cockpit, the result of working with Loughborough University's Ergonomics department, making relaxing and entertaining a true pleasure, while maintaining all the essential qualities you expect of a serious seagoing yacht.

Performance under power and sail is first class, demonstrated by the 56 easily winning her class in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

and also winning Cruising Class 1 at Antigua Sailing Week, beating a number of more serious racing competitors.

The standard layout offers a choice of an en-suite owner’s stateroom aft with three guest cabins, or two guest cabins and a walk-in machinery room alongside the engine.

Well proven over tens of thousands of ocean miles, many live aboard owners have confirmed, the Oyster 56 is easily handled with just two on board, while the yacht is spacious enough for six or even eight people to cruise in comfort.

The Oyster 56 is the first yacht, thanks to our project work with Loughborough University, offering a cockpit that has been the focus of genuine ergonomic design. Many boast that the attributes of ‘ergonomics’ are present in their own designs, but few can support those claims with true scientific research. Oyster can Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DS .

It is precisely such detailed research and planning that has resulted in unprecedented levels of comfort that make relaxing and entertaining on board the Oyster 56 a true pleasure. Comforting too, that this luxury comes without compromising any of the essential qualities you demand of a serious seagoing yacht. And in particular, an Oyster.

You’ll buy this yacht if you’re an adventurer – or simply a lover of cruising the oceans. If you and a partner sail off to exotic places with just the two of you on board, she’s a dream to handle despite her size and powerful performance. Yet if you feel like taking a whole crew of friends and family along for the trip, she’ll equally easily sleep eight in the luxury of her spacious four-cabin layout. This unmatched flexibility and all-round capability is almost certainly the most persuasive part of her personality – the single element that has endeared her to so many owners around the world. Of course there is a lot more to the Oyster 56 than a cunningly configured cockpit and some luxurious design. Technically speaking, she enjoys the very best of our years of experience of building boats we sail ourselves and for which we draw on the wisdom of our generous owners. After all, they love talking about their Oysters and we learn a great deal from them.

CAD-optimised hull lines have produced a yacht that is well balanced and very fast. The G5 deck upgrade delivers a stylish, well-balanced, outboard profile, whilst the generous sail plan makes best use of the stability derived from the low CG bulb keel and the high form stability of her hull lines. Her class-leading performance under power and sail is demonstrated by the ease with which she won her class in the ARC and more significantly perhaps, her Cruising Class 1 win at Antigua Sailing Week, where she beat a number of more ‘serious’ racing competitors.

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